„Children and teenagers today will face challenges which we can only make estimations about. Therefore the current global situation demands futuristic oriented educational approaches with an increased connection to reality.
It is essential to emphasize on the development of solution oriented team work and to give young beings the tools that empower them to actively design their present reality and therefore their future.
Empathic Communication, Social Competences, Creativity, independent Learning-Thinking and Acting, Sustainability, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Conscious Eating and  Digital Interactions are already and will be more and more relevant competences in education in the decades to come.”

Quote by Joy Spenner, Founder and Leader of the first sustainable, plant based and bilingual (German/English) school in Germany and Europe

Trainings and Seminars
While founding and leading the Freie Morgenrot Schule (Free Dawn School) school board between 2008 and 2015, Joy Spenner gave Trainings and Workshops for teachers and parents in the field of Consciousness and Learning Development and Plant Based Eating on a regular basis.
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The Freie Morgenrot Schule was proud to be listed as a recommended school by the Initiative „Schulen der Zukunft“ (Schools of the Future) of the famous German  brain researcher Prof. Dr. Mr. Gerald Hüther und Education Expert Mr. Daniel Hunziker.

Joy Spenner is the
Founder and was the CEO of the Verein für Nachhaltiges Lernen e.V. (Association for Sustainable Learning, NPO):

The Freie Morgenrot Schule (Free Dawn School) was founded in 2008 by the Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen e.V. (Association for Sustainable Learning, NPO),  which was found and lead by Joy Spenner. In 2015 the school was handed over to the Freie Schule Wendland e.V. (the Free Wendland School Association, NPO).

The school is located in northern Germany in the middle of beautiful nature in the heart of a region called “Wendland”, near the village Lüchow on Grange Grabow and is surrounded by the biggest coherent woodland in the area.

In case you are interested in the school for your child for grades 1 to 10 or as a teacher, please contact the school directly:  
Tel. 0049 (0) 5864-1693


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Since 2018 Joy Spenner is Managing Director Germany at the Binogi, a digital online teaching and learning platform for students grades 5 to 10 to learn school content with fun, in form of videos and quiz with different language options! For equal opportunity learning and teaching- more independent of origin and language: