Joy Spenner

 …it is time to focus on our hearts and trust…

(Self)awareness, trust and connectedness are keys in accepting, transforming
and actively engaging in the development of personal, social and global changes.

Crisis offer possibilities to change perspectives,
to learn and open up for the new and the unknown.

Joy Spenner:
Founder and leader
of the first futuristic, sustainable, plant based
bilingual primary school of Germany and Europe

Personal Trainings & Seminars in the fields of Consciousness- and Education development since 1999.

Professional background:

…Educated at the Nizhoni School, School for Global Consciousness in the half desert in New Mexico, US
…Educated at the Institute for Nature Therapie, Northern Germany
…Studies of social and economical communication in art and cultural science, Universität der Künste (University of the Arts), Berlin

…Co-Founder and CEO of the NPO Verein für Nachhaltiges Lernen e.V. (Non Profit Organization for Sustainable Learning ), administration of the Freie Morgenrot Grundschule: the first plant based, bilingual primary school in Germany.
…Professional Ambassador Hippocrates Health Institute, Life Transformation Program, Florida US
Head of Project Grace-Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship Program, Content and Project Development
…Managing Director Deutschland, Binogi GmbH, a startup for digital online learning, for high quality teaching and learning with videos and quiz of school content for grades 5-10, in many languages!

“Binogi is a dream come true for teachers and has the potential to change every school in the world”

Quote by Prof. Jim Cummins in 2018 in Stockholm, a famous Canadian linguist from University of Toronto,  Binogi has the honor to work with.