Johanna Joy Spenner founder
and CEO of the first plant based primary school in Germany

Joy is an intiator and founder of futuristic education projects, consultant and mother of two children. Joy grew up in Germany mainly but also in France, Colorado and New Mexico (US). After building up a sustainable cross generation community on the countryside and establishing and leading the first completely plant based primary school in the Wendland, Germany for ten years, the program development for women in Berlin, who dream of creating their own Start up followed, Grace Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship. As a founder and initiator of setting up completely new ideas and experimentally implementing and embedding them in social structures, she realized the importance of lifestyle as a whole. She became an Ambassador of the Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida, US) and learned directly from the directors and team from their 70 year long experience.  From 2018  to 2021 Joy was responsible for a Swedish Multilanguage Video Education Start-Up for three years as Managing Director Germany.

Installing the “Künstlerhaus” (Artistshouse now, a house and room for artists near Hamburg to retreat, develop, create, meet up, share and enjoy their life and art at the Elbe river, just developed naturally through her two artists parents stories and the connected art inheritance. Joy travelled over 20 countries in her life and therefore gained a unique insight in different cultures of our wolrd and realized how we as humans shape our society. She gives transformational consultations from age 19 on with the vision to transform ourselves and as a consequence our societies in a more free, humanistic and connected way. Joy  developed her writing, painting and dancing skills continuously since her childhood and is in the process of writing two books. She commutes between the center of Berlin and the Künstlerhaus at the Elbe river.

Professional background chronologically:

  • Nizhoni Experience (Navajaho : the beautiful way) School for Training Global Consciousness & College of Divinity in the half desert in New Mexico, US
  • Training at the Institute for Nature Therapie, Lower-Saxony, Germany
  • Studies of social and economical communication in art and cultural science, Universität der Künste (University of the Arts), Berlin, Germany
  • Co-Founder of a sustainable cross generation community project Haus am Gieberg e.V., Lower-Saxony, Germany
  • Founder and CEO of the NPO Verein für Nachhaltiges Lernen e.V. (Non Profit Organization for Sustainable Learning ) and the Freie Morgenrot Grundschule: the first plant based, bilingual primary school in Germany, Lower-Saxony, Germany
  • Participation and Cooperation within the Life Transformation Program, Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida US
  • Professional Ambassador of the Hippocrates Health Institute for Germany, Berlin, Germany
  • Head of Project Grace-Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship Program, Content and Project Development, Berlin, Germany
  • Managing Director Deutschland, Binogi GmbH, startup for digital online learning, for high quality teaching and learning of school content with videos and quiz, independent of heritage and language, Berlin, Germany
  • Mindfullness Meditations, The Lovers & Leaders Space, Berlin, Germany
  • Founder Künstlerhaus (Artistshouse: on the Elbe river, an art experience space for artists and everyone who wants to make an artistic experience and a meeting place for artists, Glienitz, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Transformation consultations to discover the artist in yourself and freely design your life, Berlin, Germany