Personal and Team Trainings

& discover your potential…
Personal & 
Team Trainings in

Mindfulness & Communication

Communication Consciousness Connectedness

The Trainings energize, clarify and align.
They connect the wisdom of intuition, mind, heart and soul. Transform your Life!

The emotional and mental patterns learned, influence the perception of reality and our assumptions of the intention of others. By recognizing this and focusing on inner transformation, the perspective about ourselves, our life and others changes. Reasons for difficulties are found, recognized and transformed.

Discover your unique path of transformation and activate your potential in the training through individually guided Communication Strategies and Exercises in Consciousness.

Plant based happy joy lifestyle

Nutrition Relaxation Movement

Transform your Body! 

„Transform Your Body“ trainings give precious insights about what your unique body needs in order to get in shape, stay young, in balance and feel good. Individualized nutrition-, relaxation- and movement strategies transform the body into its full potential. If eating right detox and nurturing the cells at the same time is possible.

The training ist based on the highly professional knowledge and 60 years of experience of the number one alternative Health Institutes in the US, the Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida, USA). Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have healed, recovered or advanced their bodies conditions, fitness and functioning at the HHI in the last 60 years.

By taking back the responsibility and by getting the knowledge of what a body needs, to be and stay vital becomes a choice! And by giving the body the nutrition, relaxation and movement it needs, it will do all to serve you in the best way possible.

Personal Trainings are available in Berlin, via telephone or skype.