About Joy



 I give…
…Personal Trainings and Seminars in the field of Transformation,- Mindfulness and Consciousness Development since 1997

…and Personal Trainings for a vegan lifestyle as a Professional Ambassador for the Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida, USA) in Germany since 2014.

My work is mainly based on my… 

…training at the School/College for Global Consciousness in the semidesert in New Mexico, USA
 training at the Institute for Naturetherapie, Germany
…Communication,- Art,- and Cultural studies, University of Art Berlin (UdK), Germany

…experience during the finding and directing of the Freie Morgenrot School for seven years, which is a futuristic vegan and bilingual primaryschool, Germany
…training and participation at the „Life Transformation Programm“ at the Hippocrates Health Institute, USA
…constant further trainings and qualifications
…lots of travels, my experience in different cultures around the globe

I always loved themes like lifestyle, consciousness, relationships, education, nutritions, holistic health, cultral and society studies.

 I am very enthusiastic about giving Personal Trainings and Seminars because it is extremly beautiful to witness people unfolding and connecting to their own inner wisdom and to experience how people find unique answers inside themselves, which motivate them to unfold their potential on a soul, spirit and physical level.